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Now You don’t need to be out shopping or surfing the web to shop for retail products……..

A quantum leap in the shopping experience, Grip-Shopper is the first of a family of Web services based products from Grip Software. It represents a new and compelling approach to purchasing products when and where an individual desires.

Imagine being able purchase products simply and conveniently, using any web - enabled computer, or hand – held device such as a mobile telephone or PDA – anywhere, and at any time. This is the Grip! vision, and Grip-shopper is available for download or on CD now. This means that people can shop whether they are online – or offline.

People love using the Internet – but find many aspects of it eternally frustrating. In 2002 On-line spending reached 4.3 Billion in the UK. By 2006 this figure is expected to rise to 14.5 Billion – but only 1 in 3 online orders are completed and submitted over the Internet (source: Gartner). There are a number of issues contributing to this, including dropped connections, Internet access problems and a perception that many retail sites are difficult to navigate.

All these problems are banished with Grip-Shopper. Users can create and modify lists, browse catalogues, compare retail prices and order goods – all within a simple, Windows™(or Mac/Linux)-based application – which can automatically connected to the retailers’ site whenever a link can be made. All this is automatic – the user just completes their order or list and Grip-Shopper sorts the rest out!

The retail industry recognizes the importance the product - indeed, one of the most acknowledged e - trailers,, has a live link with Grip! through which catalogue updates, special offers, and of course the full range of Amazon literature can be viewed via any device whether on-line or disconnected.

Grip-Shopper offers something to all PC or mobile device users, opening up more retail products to more people - wherever they are, and at any matter what products you are looking for - computers, books, food, whatever. Use the power of Grip! to get the best deal, fastest!

The Web services power of Grip! forms the underpinning architecture for a broad family of new products over the coming months.

These will help bring information and the power of computing to people, wherever they are. Please look at our Products and Services area to see what we’ll be doing in the near future.

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