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Products and Services

Grip-Shopper is a new product that is worth getting excited about - how often does something come along that changes the face of retailing and shopping?

Grip! Gives you the chance to carry out your on-line shopping whatever retailer you choose to shop with, whether you are on-line or off-line. It even lets you shop via a mobile phone or PDA if you need to! Shopping has become a little bit like that 70’s drinks commercial with Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins, if slightly less glamorous!: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere. Get a Grip!

There is more great news to come, too. We've put a lot of work and investment into developing the innovative technical infrastructure for Grip-Shopper.

Why? Because there is a family of new products, due for release in quick succession following Grip-Shoppers general availability.

Like Grip-Shopper, these other family members offer the ability to administer, manage and execute tasks, which would normally require a computer connection to the Internet. Whether online or offline, and using any of a wide variety of devices including PDAs, computers running any mainstream operating software (such as Mac, Windows or Linux), and the latest generation of mobile telephones, Grip-Shopper empowers you!

Watch this space for more information about these additions to the Grip! range - which will include products such as

Security - Grip, enabling a remote view and security management of a property using internet – enabled video

Contact Grip, bringing a powerful yet manageable CRM application to any computing device

Document Grip, allowing management from any place of your documents – whatever format they may be in

Expense Grip, making expense and time management simple, on any device – whether individual or workgroup.

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